The website is here!

13 05 2010

Finally you can go in to the Design by Darwinism website and evolve yourself a candlestick.

Using an Evolutionary Algorithm, the program generates candlestick offspring and you simply pick your favourite over and over until you have your candlestick. Evolution in 2 min.

There is more exciting functions to come on the website but I assure you it is working fine right now.

try it out, evolve something!


Telephone Colours

21 04 2010

Here is a telephone that some of you might recognise.

We have been working on this for a while now, but we are slowly reaching the home stretch.

This is probably the second to last selection on this.

You will be selecting on colours and you can pick up to 4 different telephones,

leave your choice as comments under this post or go to

Design by Darwinism group on Facebook


100 Kettles

9 04 2010

Here we have 1oo Kettles,

I want you to tell me which one you like the best….

Please do click on the image to make it bigger.

Telephone 4 up for selection

18 03 2010

Here is the fourth generation of the telephone, please choose one that you would own and use and let me know.

Any comments are welcome on this.

Design Equation

4 03 2010

Please have a look at this image below.

It is a design equation, a tool for us designers to generate ideas. Take some time to think about what PRODUCT this unlikely union could bring. There is no right or wrong, no need for logic, it can be a feeling or just something that you think looks interesting in your head.

I for example thought of a crown…

So be poetic, mysterious, inspirational and ingenious and tell me what product this should be!

Evo 1 Generation 2

15 02 2010

This is generation 2. The concept that won was The big button telephone.

This has now reproduced and these are its children!


15 02 2010

This is the first Evolutionary test this year, we are designing a land-line telephone.

The first selection/generation is of 4 Concepts

All concepts are based on the idea of a tactile telephone with more interaction between user and product. This is the opposite of the I-phone Touch…

A textiles telephone

A musical telephone

A big button telephone

A tin can telephone