I will start with a question

26 02 2009

Since I have not organised all the material outlining my project yet I have decided to start in a completely different corner. I will ask you all a question that will help me get on with my work.

And hopefully make you a bit more curious.

Where do you read and how do you read?, let me know about your reading habits. Reading on floor




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26 02 2009

I read in small spaces in my home, the more claustrophobic the better!
I like to hide away so I can disappear into my book.

27 02 2009

Where I read, and how I read all depends on what I read and what my purpose of reading that text.
For example I read fiction in soft, comfortable areas such as my bed or sofa. And I read papers and cartoons while on the loo. I find it hard to stop reading my fiction books when I started, so I normally read it cover to cover in one go. Sure, its normal for me to be reading and eating and/or drinking at the same time.
When it comes to works of facts and literature for school or education I prefer to read them at a table with good lighting and upright chairs, so that I can focus and have the ability to take notes if I have to.

27 02 2009

I read wherever I can sit down comfortably. . . buses, trains, at home.

27 02 2009

Jag skriver på svenska så du förstår vad jag skriver. Ok.

Jag läser i sängen. Att ligga ner skapar mer energi till tankeverksamhet och för fantasins inlevelseförmåga än om jag sitter upp.

Ibland läser jag vid köksbordet när jag äter bara för att vara effektiv.

Om du nu tänker på böcker. Tidningar läser jag alltid vid köksbordet.

Jag läser tills jag somnar eller maten är slut.

27 02 2009

I read masses of newspapers and magazines daily. When I’m on holiday or at home at weekends I read books. I enjoy short stories, teenage fiction, science fiction and non-fiction, expecially popular science. I love primary school year 1 and 2 readers. The print is beautiful. I like to look at illustrations in children’s books. If I’ve got a good book, I don’t want to do anything other than read and get irritated if I have to stop to cook a meal or go to work! I have to take my glasses off to read as my varifocals and reading glasses kind of get in the way.

27 02 2009
Naomi (minx) Farrell

I dont really read many magazines or newspapers very often. But I love reading books and will read several at a time. I am currently reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, which i tend to read in my own bed at night. But I often stay at my boyfriend Gavin’s house, there I am reading Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom. But my favourite way to read is curled up on a comfy sofa in jeans and a jumper with a cup of tea while its raining outside. It’s all about the comfort. And up until recently I had been reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote in my spare time. But seeing as I no longer have such a thing… I am down to reading two books at the moment. I also thourghly enjoy reading on holiday, but comfortably cuddled up on the sofa is definately my favorite!

28 02 2009

Hi, I’m more of a bedroom reader – last thing at night whilst nodding off. I have been known to read in the bath but it’s been a while.
Love the bookcase, what materials are you going to use?
I think this is a great way to design – talking to the world through the web. I think it would be an interesting exercise to create a brief and ask for comments and then vote. The design would be truly global.

1 03 2009

Thank you!
I have no idea what materials will be used yet. That is up to my selection group and maybe even the people reading my blog.
All decistions about this bookcase are made by my group, check out the “what is it?” page and you can read about the methodology.
I hope you will come back for more!

3 03 2009

I like to read in bed at night, or in a special reading chair in my living room, as long as the lighting is good! ALso I love to read in cafes with life bustling around me.

7 03 2009
Design Happy

At home I read mostly in bed before sleeping, sometimes at the kitchen dining table (usually either work related reading or if I need to write down something related to what I’m reading), occasionally on the loo but not for long periods due to the numb legs discomfort factor.

I am usually reading a couple of books at any one time, one work related and one for relief from work. I also subscribe to a couple of magazines and dip in to articles in those on and off over the course of a couple of months. I buy a newsapaper once a week on a Sunday. Bed is ideal for reading Sunday newspapers because you can spread the newspaper, which is always in several sections, all over the bed.

The location has to be quiet so I can concentrate and lighting has to be effective at illuminating the reading material. Comfort is important if I’m reading for long periods and bed is ideal for that. Several large, soft, feather filled pillows I can move around to make it as comfortable as possible is helpful.

I also like to read on planes or trains if I’m travelling alone and on holiday. I read much more intensively when on holiday than I do when not on holiday and if it’s a summer holiday, I either read on the beach or in an armchair or bed in the holiday accommodation.

I usually like to have a drink (not neccessarily alchoholic) and some nibbles next to me wherever I’m reading.

How much are you aiming to sell your bookcase for? Cost is a big factor for me when deciding what piece of furniture I’m going to buy so I think your evolutionary process should explore this.

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