Here it is!

27 02 2009

This is a rough model of what the real thing looks like right now, the process is of course far from finished.

rough model bookcase 1

The steps are the bookshelves as well as the means of getting up to the top, you can sit underneath with a cosy blanket on a big cushion when you are reading something that requires that kind of setting.

Or you can sit on top in a mountaion of pillows feeling like the emperor of your livingroom when you are reading something grand and profound!

I am currenty trying to decide on the right height for this bookcase and I was hoping you people out there would help me.

Here is a diagram of the 2 heights, the lower one is based on the lowest standard ceiling height of 244mmscaled-model-low1

It’s 1400mm high.

This height would work in any home and the footprint is smaller too so it takes up less space, it has 5 shelf-meters.

This one below is the higher version, this is 1700 mm high and would look great in a room with high ceilings, it does have a bigger footprint but there is more space underneath for sitting and it has 6 shelf-meters.


Here is a POLL for wich one you prefer, please do leave a comment on why you prefer one or the other.




5 responses

28 02 2009
Huw Cunnah

Hi, I’m more of a bedroom reader – last thing at night whilst nodding off. I have been known to read in the bath but it’s been a while.
Love the bookcase, what materials are you going to use?
I think this is a great way to design – talking to the world through the web. I think it would be an interesting exercise to create a brief and ask for comments and then vote. The design would be truly global.

2 03 2009

I like the smaller one, just cause the large one seems to have a little to big footprint to be useful in any form of living area I can see in my life and future.

2 03 2009

That is a valid point, thank you christer.
Although it seems like the larger one is favoured, possibly because most voters are British and therefore are more used to very high ceilings.
Try to get some of your friends from Scandinavia to vote, that could change the whole thing, you never know.

3 03 2009

I think it might be cool to have shelves on the INSIDE too? Also you’ll need to make sure the book ends are hight enough to make sure books wouldnt fall off the shelves.

17 03 2009

När jag ser bilden på den “ruffiga modellen” så kan jag inte låta bli att tänka att riktigt intressant blir det när man sätter tre stycken hyllor bredvid varandra. Det kommer att bli riktigt snyggt. Då får man också ett utrymme där under där man kanske får in en säng. Jag som vill ligga och läsa 🙂 Det kanske också skulle kunna vara ett sätt att få sängen lite avskilt om man bor i bara ett rum…

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