26 04 2009

I want to show you that we are actually making progress here.

Things are happening, shortly I’ll have som lovely fabric samples and some models of seats for this bookcase. But here is the full scale working prototype for now.

Let me know what you think!







8 responses

27 04 2009

Looks good! Actually it seems to be a lot of space for a cosy pile of pillows or a small armchair underneath 🙂 Would it be crazy to have some sort of “background” behind the shelves?

// Rebecka

27 04 2009

You are right Rebecka! It will have an upholstered piece underneath, I’ll post some sketches of that soon. What kind of background do you mean? I’m curious now, what have you thought of that I haven’t!?

1 05 2009

really wo0oo0w
i loved it

1 05 2009

let me say sth
i think if you use simple door (a door like a book) in front of the lower sit(i mean where ppl sit on the ground)
it would be more interesting

1 05 2009

That is true, unfortunately my Natual Selection group decided to use one of the sides for more shelves, so I have to keep the other one open to not make it too closed in and small inside. But if it had not been for that I would have made a door.
Thank you! I love getting comments and ideas from people!
Keep em coming!

7 05 2009

Very impressed! It looks really good. Think you may need something more substantial at the open side to hold the books though or people will only use the wall side for books

7 05 2009

Thank you Janice!
That is definately an issue that I have been thinking of, I was planning to have loose bookends. Something simple with clean lines. Do you have an expert opinion on a good bookend that I can buy somewhere?

11 05 2009

I’m not an expert Malin, but feel free to come into the college library and browse through our library suppliers’ catalogues. Our main ones are Gresswell and Librex. You can see them online too and they have quite a good selection of bookends. I don’t think I’ve ever used bookends that work well on an open space like that. The ones you are using in the photo are ok for a few lightweight books but large books would fall over. Something incorporated in the shelves that slide would be better.

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