Time for some packaging design.

22 05 2009

You guys came up with some great names, keep it up and we will have a chocolate bar by Wednesday!

It will be waxed non bleached paper, a lot better than plastic and more in line with our theme. It’s nostalgic and still keeps the chocolate fresh. The paper will be completely covered by and image.

I have 4 options for the image on the wrapper, all of them Toulouse Lautrec posters. Lovely colours and great for the “La Belle Époque” theme.


To seal the paper there is two options, unless you have any better ideas, if so please let me know.

Wax seal, it’s a bit silly maybe but doesn’t everyone like the feeling of breaking one of those seals? Like there is a hidden treasure inside just for you….. Well that is exactly what it is! Silly and fun.

OR, a simple hidden glue seal, it’s completely hidden and works just like any other seal on a sweet wrapper. That means you can see more of the packaging paper and it’s maybe a bit more grown up. Simple and clean look

As always it is your choice!

divan japonais chocolate

frou frou chocolate

jane avril for wrapper

manege petit chocolate

Start voting!




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