Genious interview

5 12 2009

The other day I had the great pleasure of having a constructive and creative discussion with a group of Biologists from Edinburgh University.

Armed with Swedish cinnamon buns that I had baked the night before I headed out to their Lab.

Finding the lab turned out to be the biggest challenge…

I had the most inspiring discussion with them and now there is lots of work to do, trying to understand everything and make it  useful.

I have graphs , equations and new words that I have never heard before, I am in heaven! Time for me to read The blind watchmaker by Richard Dawkins and just roll around in this pool of intellect to see what sticks. I have a few new concepts to look into when it comes to selection. Simultaneous selection of phenotypes (traits), breeder’s equations, pre-definition mode of variation , product symbiosis and my all time favourite; the fittest maximum in multivariate space!  This and much more now has to pass through the slow processor of this designer and hopefully come out the other side.

I would like to say a big thank you, for being so open, friendly and clever, to:

Michael Morrissey

Jeff Lane

Craig Walling

Peter Korsten

Michelle Clements

You are all fantastic! Do keep in touch to help me maintain  at least a small measure of scientific correctness and inspiring chats over coffee!




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