Design Equation

4 03 2010

Please have a look at this image below.

It is a design equation, a tool for us designers to generate ideas. Take some time to think about what PRODUCT this unlikely union could bring. There is no right or wrong, no need for logic, it can be a feeling or just something that you think looks interesting in your head.

I for example thought of a crown…

So be poetic, mysterious, inspirational and ingenious and tell me what product this should be!




3 responses

6 04 2010

(This is my layman/human reaction:)
I think of the paranoia brought on by hairline cracks in cups and plates.
Is that a hair on my plate? why can’t I pick it up? Oh its a crack. etc.

(This is a designers reaction to the above:)
I’m imagining an optical illusion using printed cracks. I.e. single hairs on plates and cups.
Also the idea of animal markings or some hilarious pubic patterns that may or may not just be a crack in the glaze.

23 05 2010

Porcelain glazing on hair – extreme looks with long term effects – dynamic alternative to going bald

31 05 2010

Pictures hit me first. I see someone sitting on an uncomfortable surface and a pile of plates. My choice of product would be hemorroid cream.
For the words: Porcelain is made from china clay. Clay plus hair (as a bonding agent) used to be used as a form of wall plaster.

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