28 05 2009

The last selection!

Now we are choosing the name, pick the one you

like the best, even if it is your own. These are all your siggestions.

Get your friends to vote too.

The name is a very important part of a product,

it gives it identity and if it is good, you will remember it.

So this is vital!


Time for some packaging design.

22 05 2009

You guys came up with some great names, keep it up and we will have a chocolate bar by Wednesday!

It will be waxed non bleached paper, a lot better than plastic and more in line with our theme. It’s nostalgic and still keeps the chocolate fresh. The paper will be completely covered by and image.

I have 4 options for the image on the wrapper, all of them Toulouse Lautrec posters. Lovely colours and great for the “La Belle Époque” theme.


To seal the paper there is two options, unless you have any better ideas, if so please let me know.

Wax seal, it’s a bit silly maybe but doesn’t everyone like the feeling of breaking one of those seals? Like there is a hidden treasure inside just for you….. Well that is exactly what it is! Silly and fun.

OR, a simple hidden glue seal, it’s completely hidden and works just like any other seal on a sweet wrapper. That means you can see more of the packaging paper and it’s maybe a bit more grown up. Simple and clean look

As always it is your choice!

divan japonais chocolate

frou frou chocolate

jane avril for wrapper

manege petit chocolate

Start voting!


11 05 2009

Today we are deciding on the personality, the style of the chocolate if you like. Since the lead word for this project is Nostalgia I have chosen 3 eras in time as inspiration. Here are three moodboards for you to choose from, this will form the base for the packaging, the shape of the chocolate and the name.

Good voting!

la belle epoque




7 05 2009

First selection in the Sweet design process

Here is a short description of the three flavours to choose from.

Rose & Champagne

 A white chocolate bar with a soft creamy white chocolate centre made with a delicate balance of rose oil & Marc de Champagne, topped with dried rose petals.

















Violet & Blueberry

 A 37% cocoa content milk chocolate bar infused with violet oil, topped with organic blueberries.

















Absinthe & Peppermint

 A dark chocolate bar infused with wormwood oil, anise seed, fennel seed, cardamom, majoram, coriander, angelica root and topped with crystallized peppermint.



Ok start voting


Sweet designing

5 04 2009

Do you like chocolate?


Then why not participate in some sweet designing of a chocolate bar,

this project is in cooperation with the excellent chocolate company The Chocolate Tree

We will be deciding on a new exciting flavour, design the shape, size, packaging and everything else that is part of this chocolate bar.

We will be using the Design by Darwinism methodology and everything will be controlled via this blog so keep an eye out!

If you want to participate in this and help me just send me an email

This is a completely different story about a snack…

9 03 2009

This is a testrun.

To see if this methodology of mine is really working I’m applying it to something else. There is a big difference though, this snack will be completely designed by you people! By reading the blog and commenting, voting in the polls and participating you will be the deciding organ in this process.

I’ll shortly post some initial polls and questions, I would really apprechiate if you would take the time to be part of this.