Genious interview

5 12 2009

The other day I had the great pleasure of having a constructive and creative discussion with a group of Biologists from Edinburgh University.

Armed with Swedish cinnamon buns that I had baked the night before I headed out to their Lab.

Finding the lab turned out to be the biggest challenge…

I had the most inspiring discussion with them and now there is lots of work to do, trying to understand everything and make it  useful.

I have graphs , equations and new words that I have never heard before, I am in heaven! Time for me to read The blind watchmaker by Richard Dawkins and just roll around in this pool of intellect to see what sticks. I have a few new concepts to look into when it comes to selection. Simultaneous selection of phenotypes (traits), breeder’s equations, pre-definition mode of variation , product symbiosis and my all time favourite; the fittest maximum in multivariate space!  This and much more now has to pass through the slow processor of this designer and hopefully come out the other side.

I would like to say a big thank you, for being so open, friendly and clever, to:

Michael Morrissey

Jeff Lane

Craig Walling

Peter Korsten

Michelle Clements

You are all fantastic! Do keep in touch to help me maintain  at least a small measure of scientific correctness and inspiring chats over coffee!


How are we doing?

1 12 2009

Right now I’m caught up in a swamp of research.

It’s almost christmas and the weather is horrible, it is HARD to keep focused…

But I push on, read articles and chase contacts that never get back to me. Next week I’m having an interview with two evolutionary biologists, that should be so much fun!

I’m very interested in the work of James Surowiecki, I would recommend anyone to read his book The wisdom of Crowds. I think that the work is progressing ok, soon I will be needing a computer scientist and a software developer. Is that you?

Then get in touch!

I hope to soon have some images to show you all, not of anything finished but hopefully some good sketches.

Til then


The new project

18 10 2009

Now I have started…

This year I will focus on three things to change my methodology Design by Darwinism




I will make it better, bigger and more defined.

THEN I will create something fantastic!

Right now I’m spending my time thinking and reading a lot of books.

Malin thinking

ANY helpful tips are welcome! All you Computer scientists out there who can explain to me the details of an evolutionary Algorithm please step forward.

And you clever researchers who feel the urge to help a poor student to academic excellence; don’t be shy now!

If you are interested in participating in the next design evolution please email me and let me know.

The more people that participate the better, this is design democracy. All those things in your environment that irritate you because of bad design, now you have a chance to change that.

The result!

8 08 2009

Hello and sorry to all of you out there that have participated in this project.

I have not updated in ages.

But finally here it is, the finished product.


  • Solid European Maple
  • Powder coated mild steel
  • Bute wool fabric

Thank you everyone, this is all your work and I am so happy.

Darwin 1

Darwin det. 1Darwin det.3Darwin det. 2

Darwin 2Darwin 3

Now I’m dying to hear all your comments, PLEASE!


28 05 2009

The last selection!

Now we are choosing the name, pick the one you

like the best, even if it is your own. These are all your siggestions.

Get your friends to vote too.

The name is a very important part of a product,

it gives it identity and if it is good, you will remember it.

So this is vital!

Time for some packaging design.

22 05 2009

You guys came up with some great names, keep it up and we will have a chocolate bar by Wednesday!

It will be waxed non bleached paper, a lot better than plastic and more in line with our theme. It’s nostalgic and still keeps the chocolate fresh. The paper will be completely covered by and image.

I have 4 options for the image on the wrapper, all of them Toulouse Lautrec posters. Lovely colours and great for the “La Belle Époque” theme.


To seal the paper there is two options, unless you have any better ideas, if so please let me know.

Wax seal, it’s a bit silly maybe but doesn’t everyone like the feeling of breaking one of those seals? Like there is a hidden treasure inside just for you….. Well that is exactly what it is! Silly and fun.

OR, a simple hidden glue seal, it’s completely hidden and works just like any other seal on a sweet wrapper. That means you can see more of the packaging paper and it’s maybe a bit more grown up. Simple and clean look

As always it is your choice!

divan japonais chocolate

frou frou chocolate

jane avril for wrapper

manege petit chocolate

Start voting!


12 05 2009

Next step is shape, think about what you apprechiate in a chocolate when eating it, could the shape make or break the sensation?

I have a task for everyone too.

By Wednesday afternoon everyone need to have submitted a name suggestion for this chocolate.

You can submit more than one if you like. Just write it as a comment on this post so that everyone can see it. Feel free to comment on each other’s suggestions too

The Bullet

A small row of chocolates that can be broken off to share with someone (Note there is an even number of pieces)

Aimed to please if you like..

 chocolate bullets


The Selfish Square

This is not to be shared, no no! Just enjoy all by yourself. Picture embossed into the chocolate.

It is big enough to settle the craving but not shaped to be split into small pieces.  About 70×50 mm of goodness


The praline

Classic shape that feels good in the mouth and can be shared

chocolate bun

The Triangle

This bar is made to be shared with all your friends, its big and divided up for easy splitting.

Big, complex and gorgeous just like a love triangle should be…