Who am I?

I’m Malin Källman

Product design student at Edinburgh College of Art in my final year.

I come from the north of Sweden, I grew up in a tiny village where there was quite frankly nothing tÅsen, my family homeo do…

There my parents gave me the best upbringing one could ask for, I was taught coocking, beekeeping, car maintenance, driving a snowmobile and so much more!

My upbringing was never influenced by me beeing a girl, I think that is one of the best things my parents ever did and for that I am immensly grateful.

At the age of 13 when I was getting rather bored my father taught me to weld, a stroke of genious!

I started creating things, and it felt great. To work with my hands and to end up with an end product was amazing, that I could pick up a piece of metal and turn it into something beautiful.

So I created… Lots of things, coathangers, candleabras and other slightly useful objects.

I went to artschool, where I continued to create but mostly art pieces. Some of them I still have and cherish.

I did not know what to do with my life but I had a vague idea that I should become an Interior designer, so after artschool I took one year at Folk school where I studied Industrial design while contemplating my future.

Then I had the great fortune to meet a man who liked my artworks and I had an exhibition in Sweden where I sold most of my work, got some press and thought that maybe life would take a different turn towards becoming an artist full time.

Eldblomma - my first artworkcivilisation- my vies of a city as a 16 year oldDragon

I worked as a personal assistant for disabled people for a year, tried to get perspective on life and “grow up”.

That never happened…

Instead I joined the army where I became a task force ATV driver. It is the voluntary army and I’m still in it. I  love those weekends when I get to go out with my platoon and train. To sleep in a tent for a week and to work your body to its limits is the best holiday imaginable, no to mention how it helps your confidence. A presentation in front of a big group is less scary when compared to throwing your first handgranade… The army has been a big part of my life and still is, if I ever have to give it up I will miss it terribly.

Instead I spontainiously decided that I would try my luck in Scotland, I had always wanted to go there so why not.

I managed to organise an internship at an Architecture firm to do some interior work and see what it was like.

6 months I stayed in Edinburgh and fell in love with the city, I was very lonely during that time but it was a good experience that has helped me alot.

When I came back to Sweden I started working as a personal assistant again while applying to Edinburgh College of Art. I figured that I had no chance of gettin in to the Interior Design program so I held on to my job.

I was indeed surprised when it turned out that I was starting college that very fall…

So I packed my bags and went to Edinburgh once again where I realised after one term that I was a damm fool and that Product design was naturally what I was supposed to do.  So here I am, doing just that!

Today I am a feminist who finds it hard to enjoy excersise, likes coffee and whiskey, strict vegetarian who lives her life by “DIY or die”


4 responses

7 04 2009
Paul Smith

Hello Malin,

I’m Charlotte’s friend from London. Let me know if you want me to give you any feedback on your design projects.

7 04 2009

Thank you Paul!
Feedback is always welcome, feel free to comment on anything you see on this blog, that’s what it’s for.
If you want to participate in my short chocolate project send me an email.

26 09 2009

läste någonstans att du var från sundsvall. det är jag med!
hur nu det faktumet kommer att tas liksom.

/jag skriver och klickar på submit, sedan tänker jag.

28 02 2013
Sara Kapadia

Please see The STEAM Journal

It would be wonderful for you to submit to this art-science journal.


Sara Kapadia
Founder, editor: The STEAM Journal
email: steam@cgu.edu

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